Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Conference Call Greetings Get Personal

Communique Conferencing, Inc. just made its services a 'little more personal' by taking another innovative step forward and introducing a new feature that that allows users to digitally record a personalized greeting to welcome participants joining their conference calls.

In a press release, Adelphi Kennedy, Director of Corporate Communications, said, "We’ve been offering company level branding for audio conference calls for several years now. We’re excited to add personalized greetings as another way for our clients to further customize audio conference calls and add an element of professionalism.”

Now participants will be greeted with a recorded message that informs them of the conference details and other announcements relevant to conferencing. No sophisticated equipment is required for recording, the standard telephone handset is sufficient.

One thing that is very important about the new feature is its flexibility. Greetings can be changed as often as required and there is no stipulation regarding the length of the personalized greeting.

The new features can be added for $25/month.

Communique Conferencing provides industry leading audio and web conferencing, Webinar hosting as well as virtual event solutions such as Virtual Trade Shows.

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