Friday, September 09, 2011

Cisco Targets Skype With Low-Priced WebEx Package

Cisco’s new WebEx 8 solution offerings online meetings for up to eight people for $19 a month, and enables Cisco to compete more strongly with Skype for smaller companies and individuals.

Cisco officials on Aug. 17 announced a new package that offers meetings for up to eight people for $19 a month. Until now, the standard package offered up to 25 people in a meeting for $59 a month

The new WebEx 8 offering includes all the features found in other WebEx offerings, including desktop sharing, high-quality video, recording capabilities, integrated Outlook scheduling and compatibility with WebEx Mobile, enabling both hosts and attendees to use the free mobile apps to participate in a meeting.

For many businesses and individuals—including freelancers and mobile workers—the primary alternative to WebEx was Skype. Skype’s free service was primarily directed at consumers, though in recent years the company had been making moves to add more commercial features. Still, Skype doesn’t offer the scope of corporate capabilities that WebEx does.

Skype currently is in the process of being bought by Microsoft for $8.5 billion. That deal has yet to close.

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