Monday, April 01, 2013

Comparing Webex vs. Adobe Connect

After trial runs with both WebEx and Adobe Connect, I choose Adobe Connect hands down.

Here are a few of the major feature differences Adobe Connect Pro and WebEx:
  • Ease of joining meetings:  Adobe Connect is much more user friendly for attendees to join meetings because there is no download required for attendees. That means just about anyone can instantly access meetings without the hassle of software downloads—even your audience members operating in a software lock down environment. No hassle implementation in regards to your companies firewall security issues. WebEx requires a download for participants (Meeting Manager).
  • Adobe Connect allows for multiple hosts and presenters during a meeting (at the same time), which allows a more effortless flow of interaction among presenters.  WebEx allows only one presenter at a time.  The host can “pass the baton” to another presenter.
  • Recordings:  Both products include the ability to record meetings.  WebEx records to a proprietary .arf file format and requires the attendee to download a webex viewer” to watch a recording of a meeting.  Adobe Connect records to a universal Flash file format.  The Adobe Connect recording quality was so much better.  Finally, Adobe Connect recordings can be edited and you can even hide components from the live meeting like the attendee list or chat so that it does not appear in the recording.
  • WebEx’s interface is similar to many older web conferencing solutions, but we prefer the Adobe Connect’s cleaner interface as it provides a much more impressive, rich, multimedia experience. You can create as many individual Meetings Rooms as you like, and each Meeting Room interface can easily be customized for the needs of that meeting.
  • Video content played in the Adobe Connect environment is superior to any web conferencing solution that we have seen.
  • Mobile support:  WebEx "Meeting Center" works on mobile devices, but Event Center and Training Center versions do not at this time.  Adobe Connect works on all mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Andriod, BlackBerry, etc.).
  • Webinar Registration Functionality:  Both products  have the ability to create custom branded attendee registration landing pages with email reminders.  WebEx does have an advantage for anyone that requires e-commerce (payment processing).
  • Breakout rooms - This feature is included in the base price of Adobe Connect.  If you want breakout rooms with WebEx you have to buy Training Center which is very expensive.
Our Conclusion:
Both WebEx and Adobe Connect offer a full set of world-class user features for a productive, meeting environment.  In most cases, however, we favor Adobe Connect because it offers: superior user friendliness, superior video, and greater multimedia flexibility.


  1. We just switched from WebEx to Adobe Connect because we had too many problems with attendees not being able to join meetings with WebEx due to the download. Note: Adobe Connect is sold through partners. Most of the partners do not have a clue. We ended up buying from Communique Conferencing and could not be happier. Their price is the best and the customer service is fantastic.

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  3. web conferencing is a time and money should be a staple product in everyone's business. We just switched from WebEx to Adobe Connect because we had too many problems with attendees not being able to join meetings with WebEx due to the download.