Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GotoMeeting Review: Lacking Customer Support

We did a detailed product review of GotoMeeting / GotoWebinar last fall. There were a number of issues we encountered that were outlined in the review.

I attended a Webinar yesterday that used gotowebinar. I have a new lap top so I needed to download the plug-in to join and for some reason I kept getting an error. I called the customer support number for GotoMeeting and waited on hold for seven "7" minutes before my call finally went to voice mail! Let me get this straight. I need help joining a Webinar that is in progress so I wait on hold for seven minutes to only leave a voice mail message for someone to call me back? Needless to say this resulted in an incredibly poor impression on the company hosting the Webinar. It's like going to a physical seminar at a hotel conference room and the host company picked a cheap hotel that was hard to find with bad food.

I don't think that buyers place enough consideration into critical things beyond the list of features and price such as reliability of the hosting on the back end and customer support. There are just too many operating systems, browsers and security firewalls, etc. these day so attendees are going to need help from time to time. At least if they can get help right away joining the experience turns from negative to positive. If not, you lost a key relationship with a client or prospect. Good luck getting them back.

I called GottoWebinar customer support from my iPhone which has a recording feature. Click here to listen to my entire customer service call experience.

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