Saturday, February 26, 2011

omNovia Adds Features

omNovia has recently added the following features to their webinar software:

1) Polling Improvements: Increased the number of slots for response choices from 5 to 8. They also added an option to allow “Select all that apply” kinds of questions (“Select one answer” questions are the other option). New reporting lets you download polling results into spreadsheet format and programmers can integrate the results into database/CRM systems through an API.

2) Custom Music for eCurtain. omNovia has the concept of an electronic curtain you can drop over your display space. Attendees see the curtain and your desired custom message telling them to wait for the show to go on. You also have the option to play music, and now you can upload your own mp3 file to play while the curtain shows.

3) Content Divider Resizes For All. An event organizer can set up the room display to have two side-by-side content display areas. This is pretty snazzy. You could show a live or recorded video on one side and slides on the other, as an example. The presenter can choose whether to show side 1 or side 2 taking up the entire screen or to show them side by side. The new enhancement is that the presenter can move the divider line to the right or left to expand and shrink the areas given to the respective content, and the display will change accordingly for all participants. It used to be individually controlled for each participant.

4) Instant Invite For Presenters. You used to be able to invite attendees to join a meeting already in progress. Now you can invite presenters the same way and they will get a link giving them appropriate authority when they enter.

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