Thursday, January 13, 2011

DimDim: The Risk of Using a Free Webinar Service

There is a lot customer discontent about the news that Dimdim's free service will be discontinued after the closing of the sale to

DimDim simply sent a five sentence email notifying customers that the service will be deactivated on March 15th. Not very impressive in terms of customer communication. The email contained an FAQ that has 11 questions and answers to inform customers about the service's discontinuation.

Dimdim's closing is a study in the risks of using free Webinar and conference call services and a wake up call about using free tools for business use in general. They do go away. You can't make money with free by adding volume.


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  2. Many of the free webinar services aren't good no matter what. You're only going to get good feedback and results from big time and real software gurus who know the market and are on top of the business chain. Bonuses and extra features are what really set apart the free and the priced products. You cant have a presentation webinar system that doesn't inform you or provide extra help and quality assurance. Thats the benefit of buying, but sometimes searching around just like you do with coupons in the grocery store you can find great deals and an awesome bonus to go with your purchase. Dont trust free, its like free website building sites, it's just a waste of time and time is money in todays world!!!