Thursday, November 05, 2009

Results of the Fourth Annoying PowerPoint Survey

Power Point presentation expert David Paradi just posted the results from his fourth biennial survey of what annoys audiences about bad PowerPoint presentations. A total of 548 people responded to the survey over a six week period.

In the survey, David lists twelve annoyances and ask people to select the top three. Here are the details of the top five things that annoy audiences about bad PowerPoint presentations. The percentages refer to what proportion of the responses listed that item and the percentages don’t add up perfectly since some people selected more or less than three.

The speaker read the slides to us 69.2%
Text so small I couldn’t read it 48.2%
Full sentences instead of bullet points 48.0%
Slides hard to see because of color choice 33.0%
Overly complex diagrams or charts 27.9%

It is no surprise that reading the slides came first again by a large margin. It has topped the survey every time I have done it. Click here to view the full story.


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