Saturday, August 10, 2013 and are Fake

There are a lot of individuals that figured out how to set up a product review website in order to earn commissions from the vendors which they perform a fake review  Google has been trying to remove these sites from their search results for years.

This is done under the guise of being an independent reputable review website only to direct viewers to the product manufactuers website to earn commissions.

Here is the proof.  If you hover your mouse over the button on the right to go to the Citrix GoToMeeting Vendor Website you'll see the URL code at the bottom left.  Which starts with  You'll notice that this link goes to commission junction.  This is how GoToMeeting knows to pay this fake review website commission for referring the prospective customer (along with a good review).

Check out the URL when you hover the mouse over the RHUB web conference product review (see red highlight at the bottom left of the below screen shot).

Here is a screen shot of  If you hover your mouse over the "Go" button you'll see that it sends the visitor to buyerzone who pays this site commission for referring the visitor. 

If a review site is really legitimate and unbiased there will be no affiliate code when clicking a link to the products website.  Caveat emptor to buyers.  Only use reputable sites like PC Magazine for product reviews and references.  I do reviews on this website, but you'll never see links to any of the vendors websites or commission junction.


  1. It’s really very informative that I wanted ever, thanks for this.

  2. Thanks for informing about the review sites on web conferencing that are fake. Specially on the info for original review websites not having affiliate code with a link to the products website