Monday, June 18, 2012

Adobe Connect 9

Adobe Systems Incorporated recently announced Adobe(R) Connect(TM) 9, the latest version of the company's Web conferencing software. Adobe Connect 9 delivers an all-in-one solution for producing webinars, as well as innovations in mobile-to-mobile collaboration and mobile learning.

Adobe added significant functionality around registration, attendee communications, customer-level and event-level branding, lead tracking, reporting, and analytics.  Webinar marketers should get very excited for the new capabilities.
New features include:
  • Greatly enhanced Event Registration Pages and Catalogs - Templates enable quick creation of landing pages, speaker information, registration pages and login pages. Templates can be customized using rich components, including images, tables, charts and carousels.
  • Rich customization of emails - Everything I said in the last paragraph applies to attendee emails as well. You have full drag and drop customization of HTML emails for things such as registration confirmation, reminders, and follow up messages.
  • Lead Tracking Analytics - Adobe has integrated full lead tracking all the way through the engagement process. You can set up parameters on the URL that brings people to your landing page or registration page. From then on, Connect tracks them all the way through the system. You can get reports showing the “funnel numbers” for each tracked campaign or lead source. How many people visited the landing page. Of those, how many clicked through to register. How many of them completed registration? How many then attended? How long were they in session? How much did they interact with the software during the session? And if your company uses Adobe’s SiteCatalyst, you can dump all the information into that marketing analysis tool to be cut, aggregated and reported as desired. You can even set up lead qualification criteria based on a combination of an attendee’s registration field demographic answers and their real-time behaviors during the webinar. So a sales rep could give higher priority to an attendee who asked a lot of questions than to someone who just passively watched the presentation.
     promotions and programs as a whole.
  • Graphical reporting - Post-webinar reports get some very fancy online eye-candy. Lead funnels, minute-by-minute attendance and engagement, poll results, and more can all be seen online with nice graphic depictions. Some even allow interaction to focus in on details. This feature needs some extension in a future release to allow saving or downloading the information in graphical format. For the moment, downloaded reports are numerical only.Engagement dashboard to monitor participant engagement in real time (are they participating in the Webinar, chats, surveys, etc.) 
  • Campaign tracking& Qualified lead scoring
  • Increased event capacity of up to 1,500 participants
  • Recording Enhancements: Privacy and content controls in recordings,Pause and resume recordings during live sessions, and Customizable recording indexes
  • Survey/Polling Enhancements: Adobe Connect now have the ability to run a real-time interactive poll that allows type-in answers. You can display the responses to the audience, acting as a great brainstorming whiteboard.
  • Advanced Mobile Support for Meetings and Training -- You will be able to present from or attend from just about any mobile device -- whether iOS (such as an iPad), Android, or BlackBerry PlayBook. They added some touch-screen enhancements to allow “finger painting” whiteboard annotations and selection of meeting content. The one restriction I noted is that you can’t select document files living on an iOS device’s local memory. So presenting slides, PDFs, or anything other than a simple photograph from an iPad requires a pre-meeting step of uploading the content to your Adobe account on the server. Android devices do not have this limitation.
  • eLearning improvement:  Adobe Connect will now support HTML5 and SCORM 1.2 content. They are adding a more comprehensive course registration module, while Presenter and Captivate will get upgrades as part of Adobe’s ELS (eLearning Suite).SCORM compatibility and reporting improvements for eLearning
Adobe greatly improved on it's web conferencing product that was already voted Editor's Choice by PC Magazine last year.
There have been a number of new features added to Adobe Connect recordings to help make them even better. In this sneak peek video learn how you can now edit and customize the index (which is now much more discoverable) as well as anonymize your recording by hiding names or pods.

A major focus of Adobe Connect 9 has been helping customers create even better virtual events. Adobe Connect 9 brings major updates to the Events module including a brand new event catalog and registration system as well as new reports and analytics.

Finally, we also wanted to give webinar hosts and presenters a way to measure engagement during their events. In Adobe Connect 9, we're introducing the Engagment Meter - providing real time feedback on the level of engagement during an event.


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