Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lync Audio Conferencing

Communiqué Conferencing recently announced the availability of integrated audio conferencing with Microsoft Lync Online, a part of Microsoft Office 365. By combining Communique’s audio conferencing services with Lync Online, customers will be able to automatically launch a group voice conference call from any chat, web or video conference within the Lync Online interface.

The integrated audio conference call solution for Microsoft Lync Online delivers:
  • Call scheduling via Microsoft Outlook
  • The ability for meeting participants to join for external locations and multiple devices
  • Dial in/out
  • Mute/unmute
  • Lock/unlock
  • End conference
  • VoIP/PSTN integration, including combined recording of web and audio content
  • *0 in-call operator support
For more information on Lync audio conferencing. Microsoft PinPoint Lync Online Audio Conferencing.


  1. Appearently there are only three providers that have audio conference call integration with Lync. We tested each of them and Communique Conferencing was the best by far. Their pricing is the lowest without having to buy blocks of minutes or anything. More important their customer service was notably better. We are very happy with the service.

  2. Mike I have similar good experience for Communique. I like to use it for long time.

    - Herman Swan

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