Friday, August 05, 2011

Citrix has announced this week that it has introduced Citrix® GoToMeeting® with HDFaces

The service will allow up to 6 users to experience high definition group video conferencing over the internet simply via a webcam.

Brett Caine, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Citrix Online Services Division says “GoToMeeting with HDFaces changes the definition of face-to-face meetings from ‘a place you go’ to ‘a thing you do […] That is the essence of our integrated collaboration vision and the promise of our unique HD experience. Once again, we are changing the rules in the market, and customers everywhere will win as a result.”

Citrix list a number of new features that have been introduced to the product, including:
  • Real-time collaboration with web, video and audio conferencing is enabled in just two simple clicks.
  • All existing GoToMeeting customers and trial users can now use HDFaces at no additional cost. Existing customers can simply login to their accounts and click a link to upgrade to HDFaces.
  • Uers just need a PC or Mac computer, webcam, Internet access and GoToMeeting. It is designed for the way everyday businesses operate – enabling impromptu real-time collaboration with its “Meet Now” feature from anywhere, without the need of expensive and complex room-based solutions.
  • Multistream HD™ technology: The highest resolution video conferencing quality available on the market among web conferencing providers: up to six streams at a resolution of 640p x 480p each, for a total maximum resolution of 1920p x 960p.
  • The video conferencing streams are integrated into the content screen so attendees can collaborate on shared content and see each other at the same time without the need to switch between the two. The high-definition video experience combined with user adjustable zooming and resizing makes the experience easy to use and very compelling for quick conversations and all day meetings. Now as individuals present ideas or solicit feedback from their team they can interact as if they were actually sitting across the table.
  • Video optimization: Adjusts automatically to fit the hardware and network each participant is using when video, audio or screen sharing are in use.
  • Resizable viewer and layouts: Easily adapts to numerous monitor and projection configurations.
HDFaces is included at no additional charge in all GoToMeeting subscriptions. 

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