Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Citrix relaunches Vapps HD conferencing service

Citrix Online is "launching" the HiDef audio conferencing services it acquired when it bought Vapps back in November. The flat-priced, monthly-billed service will support up to 500 participants, with larger companies able to get integrated management functions on a per-minute basis.

HiDef's biggest hook is the ability to support wideband codecs for 16kHz sound; a typical standard PSTN phone call has an 8kHz range, so wideband brings in a richer experience. The offering provides a self-service option that includes free recording and integration with Microsoft Outlook and Skype, as well as Citrix's GoToMeeting service. Conferences can either be started by logging into the service or initiated via Outlook.

Flat rate plans start at $40 per month (conference room for 10 people, 600 toll free minutes, web controls for scheduling, unlimited recording) and include unlimited Skype and local phone minutes. Participants have the option of either dialing in toll-free or via computer client, or using a local number.



  1. We've had major issues with gotowebinar, the phone lines drop out during the two meetings we lost the host, and there is no sound, it’s been horrible. We’ve also had delays with slide changing for attendees but your service seemed very in synch.


  2. We're experiencing problems with the phone lines dropping with gotowebinar lately. Can anyone recommend a webinar provider?

  3. We provide elearning services as such, host a large number of sessions, and encounter all the odd ball scenarios. Regarding gotowebinar:

    1- The service is horrible, they can't find each other or deal with problems in a timely manner, its been the bane of my exisitance for a good 8 months, before we changed provider.

    2- The management philosphy is one of CASH first QUALITY OF SERVICE second. For small meeting this is not too critical but for our webinars we cannot afford problems.

    3- Technology isn't that great either, the "free" audio conferencing is horrible. The lines drop and sometimes we've had bad static.

    so good luck, but BUYER BEWARE

  4. There is an old saying "quality does not cost it pays". We tried gotowebinar and damaged relationships that we were building with several key clients and prospects due to their service issues.

  5. We continue to have technical problems with attendees joining our Webinar using gotowebinar. We are currently testing other alternatives. Any suggestions?

  6. We had the same problems no one answers the phone there either.

  7. Gotowebinar has POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Our attendees waited on hold over 7 minutes!! They finally got voice mail. I recorded my call to customer service. Click here to listen to my experience.

  8. We currently use Go to Meeting/Go to Webinar. We really like everything about them but lately have been experiencing issues with their phone service that are unacceptable. We learned the hard way that you get what you pay for. We tried live meeting and so far it is working well.